The Tempest, by William Shakespeare

The Tempest, by William Shakespeare

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Bilimankhwe presents

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

22nd October (17.00)
23rd October (19.30)

Adapted and Directed by Kate Stafford
Designed by Hazel Albarn
Choreography by Shyne Phiri
Lighting Design by Charlie Morgan Jones
Sound Design, Projections and Music by Frederick Rich

A gripping comedy of magic, love and redemption. The sorcerer Prospero and his teenage
daughter Miranda are exiled on a strange magical island. When Prospero raises a storm to
destroy his enemies, revenge - and escape from the island - seems to be within his reach at last.

Bilimankhwe has brought actors, dancers and musicians from Malawi to work with British actors, musicians and visual artists. Together they have created a powerful, passionate and magical show, full of humour and music.

It is powerful, passionate, and of course magical. By bringing together artists from Africa and Europe, the company uses the best from both continents to both entertain and move the audience.