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  • 5 Ashley Road
  • London, England, N17
  • United Kingdom

📣📣📣 Resis’dance 📣📣📣

ResisDance is a group of women DJ's, tech and events organisers. We come together to organise banging party nights whilst challenging gender norms in the party and political scene AND raising $$$ for underfunded radical groups.

JOIN US for our SIXTH event, and our 1st event this YEAR! 

We are fundraising and standing in solidarity with three causes;

BLMUK - Black Lives Matter, UK. 
BLMUK is a coalition of black activists from across the UK who believe deeply that Black Lives Matter. We challenge the widespread racism of the British state and society, through community organising, education and direct action. 

We are committed to all Black lives, including working class, women/non-binary, Muslim, queer, migrant, disabled, HIV+ lives, and the many forms of oppression we experience.

We are part of the movement to dismantle capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and the wider power structures that disproportionately affect Black people in Britain today, following in the long history of radical black resistance globally.
Donate here: https://www.crowdpac.co.uk/campaigns/1393/blmuk
Follow us @ukblm and on our Facebook page, BLMUK

The London Latinxs 
In solidarity with London Latinx, Resis’dance is fundraising for the London Latinxs who are campaigning to save the Latinx Village/Wards Corner together with the market traders and Latin Corner UK. #SaveLatinVillage

The London Latinx are a people before profit organisation, who fights for the rights of Latin Americans and of migrants in general, through organising, planning, improving representation, raising awareness, campaigning, workshops, and direct action.
If you wish to donate to this cause you can do via their crowdfunding page;https://www.youcaring.com/latinvillagewardscorner-714518

Resis’dance has been working hard, this is one of the biggest fundraisers Resis’dance is putting on yet! As a non-profit organisation we need some support to keep our team afloat, we plan to pay our DJs and Resis’dance crew who have helped organised this fundraiser, as it would not be possible without them. Also to help fund our UK Tour this summer where we'll be shaking up the male-dominated scene. We have been invited to do workshops on safer spaces, talks on political partying and DJ sets at a different UK destinations this summer.

📣📣📣 LINE-UP 📣📣📣

Resis'Dance DJs & MC; 

+ Guests; 
Bbz London 
DJ Tuma and DJ Neiva from
AMZ (Magic Clit) 
DJ Dibs (Goldsnap) 
TrYb (Totem Bass)



STYX, 5 Ashley Rd, Tottenham Hale, London, N17 9LJ
500 capacity venue so

★ Access ★ 
FULLY ACCESSIBLE! Please get in touch if we can make the night any more accessible for you.

At Resisdance there's zero tolerance to sexual harassment, unwanted touching, stalking and all forms of abuse or discrimination based on race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or age. People who can't respect this aren't welcome and will be thrown out. If you experience it, or see someone else being harassed or on the receiving end of discriminatory abuse, find a member of Resisdance, our SAFER SPACES CREW or security - we believe and will support you.

£3 unwaged, £5 waged, £7 solidarity. Tickets now released - available here! 
Who your ticket supports: mainly BLMUK, The London LATINX - but also... 

Resis'dance + guest DJs

ARTWORK by the AMAZING Becca Human!

Becca Human