🌴🎶As promised, we're back for part 2 where STYX will be vibrating with the very best of 70's afrobeat, highlife, funk, soul and disco.🌴🎶 

DJ's absolutely smashed our last Fela Kuti x William Onyeabor special so we've invited Buyers Club back and will be releasing one booking every week!

We'll be kicking off in STYX’s huge garden where you can expect a load of West African classics from the likes of Fela, William Onyeabor, Tony Allen, The Hygrades and The Funkees along with some stuff you’ve never heard but won’t be able to stop moving to.

There will be BBQ food, a cocktail bar, live drummers and plenty of seating, once the sun goes down we’ll move into the STYX warehouse till 4am with visuals provided by Warehouse Animals.

Guarantee your entry by buying a ticket here:

For FREE entry (before 6pm) - get your names on the wall ASAP - space is limited.

Come up and GET DOWN x