Doors @ 9.30 

Tickets - £5 (available at

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, just leave your destiny’s child at home with Mrs Doubtfire and come jump around with us in the house of love. Here you’ll be right, and understood. Make sure your ride on time, it’s Saturday night and we like the way you move. Floppy Disc-0 will have you moving on up, freed from your desire and N-Trance-d. With a little bit of luck we will make it through the night and the next day it will all be a blur. But we’ll be here, to remind you, of the mess you made when you went away. We’re giving you everything all that joy can bring, this we swear. And, all that we want from you, is the promise you, will be there. Say you’ll be there, yeah. You’d be April fools (and horses) to miss out; Even the Queens nose it’s gonna be good. 

Live (and Kicking) Performances from...





The Newest MANUFACTURED BOY(cover)BAND on the Block... LOL

DJ MRSBAXTER2U will be spinning the finest 90’s garage and the worst 90’s pop for you till you’re all jumpin’ jumpin’

Extra-curricular activities:

Witness theatrical excerpts whilst your hair gets spruced in the Martin Crimp Salon.

Have your pic snapped at an unflattering angle in the TWISTER PHOTO BOOTH!

Marvel at the wonder that is the Lava Lamp whilst lamenting the loss of the Gadget Shop.

Boyfriend bothering you? Leave him in the BOYZONE and collect him at the end of the night.**

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, SisterSisters and Gameboys ALL welcome!  

Dress code: PJ’s and Duncan 

*Figs in Wigs 

**We cannot be held responsible