• Styx Bar (map)
  • 5 Ashley Road
  • London
  • N17 9LJ

Live music sensation Woodburner host 3 amazing live acts each week, with delicious Loven pizza and drinks in our garden.


Accordion toting five piece, Barbarella’s Bang Bang is a cacophony of carnivalistic delights; a combination of European gypsy folk and theatrical pop musicality.

Bombshell-fronted and cajon backed, this gang have roots in Eastern and Roman Europe and provide a colourful and eclectic soundtrack, taking you on a ride from the eyes of a puppet in a world of lost lovers to bohemian dancehalls shadowed by broken suns.

Watch Barbarella's Bang Bang


Finally two parallel worlds meet, giving birth to an unprecedented musical exposion. The world of ’50s rock’n’roll meets the world of electronica, the world of swing meets the world of dub.

The retro voice and guitar of Mr. Bricks seems like it has leapt out of an old valve radio from the last century.

Wanda Lazzarovic’s futuristic doublebass sinuously moves like a Balcanic dance!
London producer, G-Tano’s ragtime piano and synth mixes it with an electronica that nobody dares to try.

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Really polished...She doesn’t need our help, we need her help. "— Dermot O'leary, Radio 2

Watch Anna Pancaldi

Entry is £5 on the door, or £4 with your name on the facebook event wall

Doors from 7pm, music 8-11pm