• Styx Bar (map)
  • 5 Ashley Road
  • London
  • N16 9LJ

We are excited to host ladies dating sensation HER with their Summer Party:

If you’ve got girl problems, we feel bad for you hun.
But we’ve got 99 ways to help you get some!

Starting with the return of the season’s hottest event… 

The HER Summer Party is back to banish your summertime sadness and get you sizzling on the dancefloor.

Imagine you, HER and 500+ girls you’d like to get to know over a cool, refreshing, wet t-shirt contest…

We’re still thinking about it.

Expect sun and games, not to mention back-to-back babes, BBQ and cocktail slushies, all to the sweet sounds of live music and beats by our guest DJs.

Meet a girl, pick HER up.

All night long you’ll have good luck

See you there x


TICKETS, NOW ON SALE: http://bit.ly/HERsummerparty


P.S. Don't be scared to come on your own! Lots of others will be. Just tell me or any of the HER Girls and they will get a drink with you and introduce you to people. 

Any questions? Contact Sorcha Harriman-Smith on:
Insta: @sorchysorch

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