NOTE: This event will end at 2am.

THE Party 2016

7pm-9pm Yoga with Awaken Heart Yoga moving into kirtan dance
9pm-1:30am DJs (TBC) and open Mic from
1:30am-2am Closing ceremoniy  

This event is totally ** FREE** finanacially for all guest however we are very very keen for you to bring your talents to offer or display to all guest. 

- faboulous fancy outfits (conversational peices)
- dance partner
- hidden or not so hidden skills. (sword swallowing, eye gazing, nut cracking, hand standing ect..)
- face painting
- hugging (20 second min recomended) 
- cosmic conversations (5 topics minimum on hand)
- legal advise
- card tricks
- portraits
- nutritional consultancy
- massage
- musical numbers
- poetry
- asterolical readings
THE list would go on.