NOTE: This event will end at 3am


STYX is excited to bring you a night filled with frightful cabaret, mime, burlesque, dark arts and live music this Halloween.

Right beside Tottenham Hale Station, Styx is an altar to the undead, jam packed full of perfomances, live music and DJs to thrill you and chill you. Get freaked out, spooked and then dance the night away!

7pm: Doors
8pm - 10pm: Burlesque and Caberet
10pm - Midnight: Grotesque and Bands
Midnight - 3am: Weird and wicked DJs


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Host: Jonathan Bright

Pi the Mime ///////////////////////

Award winning, internationally trained mime, PI. Gender-bending, crowd pleasing, award winning, genre defying individual with a passion for making people think, feel but, most of all, smile. 

PI doesn't live in this world, care to join him in his? 

Hibyan Sky ///////////////////////

Hibyan Sky is a multi disciplinary recording artist that merges music and looped vocals with circus and performance art. Besides being a singer and songwriter, during her shows she also performs with aerial acrobatics, dance, fire and pyrotechnics. She is one of the few performers in Europe to do aerial pyrotechnics, shooting firework sparks whilst being suspended in the air. 

She has performed for several festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, Boomtown and Isle of Wight, together with other club and corporate appearances for Mini Cooper, Markit, The London Marathon, Bloomberg and more.

Calvin Decline ///////////////////////

Calvin Decline is an aspiring male model. He's suave. He's confident. He's sexy as hell. 

...He may also be a bit camp. 

Calvin Decline first appeared on the London drag scene as 'Cal Dreamy', competing in The Glory's contest, Man Up!

Jacob V Joyce ///////////////////////

Jacob V Joyce is a non binary interdisciplinary artist that disrupts commercial and community spaces with queer and decolonial, creative interventions. 

Jacob performs spoken word and solo electronic music which combines ritualistic voice looping with poetic strategies of resistance.

Midnight Iris ///////////////////////

Midnight Iris is a performer in both the arts of Burleque and Bellydance and has been gracing stages all across the UK. 

Tribal Bellydance is her first love and she has been performing this powerful art form for over six years. Burlesque was a newer discovery, and gave her the opportunity to bring out the clown, the kinkster and the secuctress. She has been performing Burlesque for the last 4 years. 

Nelson Brett ///////////////////////

Nelson Brett is a multifaceted artist with mind reading as the centre of his performance.

A cryptic persona from the enchanted land of Sintra in Portugal, his craft has made him a member of the world renowed The Magic Circle. 
Nelson Brett has perfomed in the USA and now based in London he performs at some of the city’s top cabarets and venues such as The Black Cat Cabaret and the Hippodrome Casino.

Nelson Brett is coined as "the man who accesses
your memory" and performs a unique blend of mind reading, hypnosis and sideshow.

Nelson Brett

Electra ///////////////////////


Perhaps Contraption ///////////////////////

Perhaps Contraption is a multi-award winning, progressive brass band from London. Part choir, part chamber orchestra, part avant rock troupe, they create a truly unique musical experience; melding elements of jazz, punk, art pop and post-minimalism. Their intense, exuberant shows won the Haizetara International Street Music competition (Spain) in 2014 and 2015, the judge’s prize at Cirque et Fanfare Festival (France) and Help Musicians Emerging Excellence Award in 2013. 

Whether leading jubilant parades, amplified stage shows, or pop up street performances, Perhaps Contraption create an unforgettable sonic spectacle.

Rum Buffalo ///////////////////////

With their unique take on raucous gypsy, jazz and swing, outrageous costume and a mad performance style, Rum Buffalo's high-energy and debauched party is like no other. Found in the early morning on festival stages and street corners alike, their red-hot instrumentalists include regal renegades Rick O'Connor on fiddle and Stephen Mathers on tenor sax.